***UPDATE*** Details about the process have been included below…

As I mentioned at the last round of Regional VET meetings, here is (finally) the JDF for the Vocational Trainer and Assessor.

Download the Vocational Trainer and Assessor JDF in word document format.

The Process

To have a Vocational Trainer and Assessor appointed, the school must first work with their HR Consultant (this person will vary from school to school) to have the position/JDF added to the schools staffing profile.

To do this, a SRG request must be submitted. You should attach the JDF and a mini business case (in the form of a one page letter) briefly explaining why the position is needed.

The SRG request must be signed by the RED unless you are an Independent School.

Once completed, this is submitted to Verna Creyk.

Points to consider:

The Vocational Trainer and Assessor is a PSGA position – this means different hours of work and holiday conditions apply, you may need to think creatively about how to address this.

Funding is not added to the schools staffing profile for this position. Teacher time can be traded in to address this. Work with the Secondary Staffing Directorate to arrange for teacher trade in if this is how the school would like to find the position.

The Background…

…for those that are interested

This JDF was developed after a request from one of the Agricultural Colleges. They had a trainer without their Bachelor of Education. Under the old rules they had to apply through WACOT for a Limited Authority to Teach (LAT). This was preventing employing the trainer as a permanent member of staff which had other impacts for the trainer on a personal level.

Discussions were held with WACOT to remove the need for a Vocational Trainer to hold a LAT. WACOT agreed that if the Trainer was only delivering VET, there would not be a need to hold a LAT.

Both the VET in Schools and Agricultural Education branches worked in conjunction to develop the JDF.

The new JDF has filled a much needed gap in the staffing structure for schools with a strong VET focus. This new change will allow VET schools a greater flexibility in staffing to ensure a quality and sustainable VET program for their students.


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