Good Morning All.

Welcome back to Term Four, Nicole and I trust that you have all rested up and are ready to tackle the final stretch ๐Ÿ™‚

Nicole has returned from leave after a brief but very much enjoyed trip to Bali and I have finally returned from an extended sick leave (it’s a relief to be back to a normal routine/life again). Nicole definitely had a better break than I did ๐Ÿ™‚

***Brief Update from Central Office***

There will be no SIS VET Second Level Support between 19th October to 28th October.

As you may know, Nikki is the last-man-standingย in the SIS VET Support Team and she will be unavailable – leaving the Second Level Support desk unmanned. Please refrain from calling the old VET in Schools staff as they do not have the technical know-how or level of access required to provide support.

Nikki will address the support calls that are logged in her absence as soon as she returns, please be patient and I am sure there will be a bit of a back log.

Thanks all,

See you and speak with you soon.


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