The latest Regional VET Meeting was held at the John Forrest Trade Training Centre.

Schools were well represented with over 25 staff attending.

With a jam packed agenda, our presenters were a little rushed so that we could get through the days content, they also had to battle with the rain on the tin roof! A fantastic effort was made by all.

Much was discussed and many handouts passed around. For anyone that was unable to make it on the day, have a look below at what is to date the longest update to the website…

A Digest of Notes from the Regional VET Meetings can be had by reading on…

Steve Kitching – DTWD
Steve presented the changes and release of the new policy for School Based Apprenticeships – which is effective as of 16th February 2012.

In the latest update to the SBA policy all references to schools have been removed to pave the way for a new policy for those programs that are school based, this covers SBA, SBT and PAiS.
The new policy should align with what is already happening on the ground, however DTWD is seeking feedback to shape the policy.

Steve will be holding a meeting for all stakeholders to attend towards the end of June – more details on this when we have them.

Feedback from the day is to form a working party from schools within the region with a focus on SBA, SBT and PAiS. Details of this can be found here.

Carl Holmes – Integracom
Cert II  Telecommunications is currently running at Burswood and Lockridge Senior High School in the North Metro. Planning us underway for up to two cross sector classes in the North Metro to be YAT funded in 2013.

The course builds a strong technical foundation from which students can move into higher certificates in telecommunications which offer the potential for employment in the National Broadband Network rollout.

The course gives students a hands on experience with each of the three technical industries associated with the telecommunications pathways.

Telecommunications technician: telephone installation, computer network installation, optical fibre installation(NBN),home cabling systems, IP Networks including wireless connectivity.
Audio/ video technician: satellite installations, antenna installations, home theatre installations, audio/video distribution.
Electronic security technician: security alarm installations, CCTV installations, home automation.

Download the summary or overview.

Brad Ceccin – MPA Skills
Brad spoke about the lost art and respect of the skills involved with becoming a Master Painter.
He provided some insight as to how MPA looks for certain qualities in a trainee from the employers perspective such as:

-an understanding of what the job of a master painter is
-a positive and consistent attitude
-patience and endurance
-hand eye coordination
-numeracy & literacy
-communication and working with people

A detailed handout is available here.

Gillian Gallacher – SEITA

Gillian provided an update on the Public Sector School Based traineeship Program for 2013/2014 intake.

20% of senior Government officers are fast approaching retirement providing many opportunities for those interesting in the public sector.

This is an administrative role traineeship, students should be aware that entry level administrative tasks will be required of them.  Ed Support,  Aboriginal and CALD students are strongly encouraged to apply.

For more information about this program follow this link.

Michelle Sidebottom – Future Now
FutureNow brings together industry leaders, training organisations and action groups to make recommendations to government regarding workforce development strategies for the creative and leisure industries in WA.

SIT07 Tourism Hospitality & Events training package version 3 updated but soon to be replaced by SIT12.
Events Sector training package review in May 2012.
Cert III in Hospitality (Patisserie) pathway from Cert II Kitchen Ops.
New pre-app for commercial cookery must be 18+.

FutureNow are conducting some research as to who might be interested in Arts Administrator or Cert III Sport + Rec Traineeships.

Success stories: Ambassador Chef visits. Aboriginal Tourism Ambassador- James Spurgeon. Pearson Australia –  publish resources for schools.
Reccommended website for chefs: todaysworldkitchen.com


Sandra Halley – Senior Consultant VETiS secondary support
Sandra shared a presentation from the State Training Admissions branch of DTWD. VETiS profile courses are now highly competitive. Selection criteria processes are applied when there are more eligible students than places available. Students are ranked on merit. The presentation is available to download as a pdf.

Secondary Support encourages schools to refer to the AQF Level descriptors to make sure students’ skills and abilities meet the requirements before implementing new certificate qualifications. The AQF Handbook can be accessed from the AQF website, Sandra has referenced pages 12, 14 and from page 24.

Sandra advised schools in relation to upgrades for TAE. If you missed out on a copy, download the NSSC Communiqué she referred to.

A summary of Sandra’s info is available for download. This includes her branch website and contact details.

Nicole Symes – Senior Consultant VETiS policy
ASBT Institutional pathways can start at any time but must be complete by end of 2012. Advise ETILO’s (Kristin or Dan) 3 weeks beforehand.

Accredited Courses for BCG E ?

DOE CC CTF paternerships? Better articulation to Cert III traineships

working at heights restricted to below limit of having to wear a safety harness

Schools capacity building- YAT funded  TAE upgrades and indusry qualifications limit 1 per school this year

contextualized maths for VETiS students

Kristy Prothman – AICT

AICT is in an auspice partnership with Belridge SHS providing ICT packages tailored to their needs including training to teachers.
AICT students enjoy the benefit of being chosen as candidates for higher certificate positions and job placements. AICT have support materials for students and workbooks for teachers.

AICT are looking into on site delivery of ICA20111 Certificates II & III at their campus in the city for VETiS 2013.

AICT are happy to do school visits to discuss your training needs for 2013 – Kristy Prothnan 08 93832 9000

State Training Providers

Les Quarman from Central Institute of Technology and Jenni Brannigan from Polytechnic West presented their provider offerings for 2013. Details of their offerings can be found by following this link.


3 thoughts on “Notes from the Regional VET Meeting

  1. Hi Dan,
    Sounds like a full meeting. Could you provide any more details about the Cert II in Telecommunications in 2013 for the Norther areas? Details of Days – how many and which ones, and also locations would be useful if we are to get interested students.
    Thanks Sheryl

  2. Hi Sheryl,

    Kris and I are working on the YAT funded programs, however we can’t make decisions until we have met with the other system sectors (AISWA and CEO), which will be happening soon.

    After we have met we can commence advertising places.



  3. I know I saw something here on Year 12 enrolled nursing but can’t find it. Can anyone help?
    Thank you

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