Good Afternoon All.

Central Office has asked us to provide some data from the schools in the North Metro.

We are looking for two pieces of information.

1. The FTE allocated to VET Coordination
2. The number of VETiS students this services

Please note: this is only the FTE of positions formally recognised in the schools as VET Coordinators.

Please take the time to complete the survey below, your assistance is appreciated.

Our response to Central Office is due Friday 28th September.


3 thoughts on “A short and sweet survey

  1. Hi Dan

    The survey asks for VET in schools students. Does this mean just the students who are involved in VET in schools programs (external to school) or does it also include students that are completing VET programs at school. Can you also please clarify the definition of a VET student.

    Thanks very much

  2. Hi Clare,

    You raise a great question. Below is the response:

    A VET in Schools student under the national definition is a student undertaking one or more UoCs that contribute towards their senior secondary certificate.

    For us in WA, this means students undertaking one or more UoCs that contribute towards their WACE.

    This includes the following programs as we identify as VET in Schools:

    1. Stand-alone VET (SCSA refers to this as VET credit transfer) organised by the school.
    2. i. profile courses
      ii. auspice courses
      iii. school as RTO courses
      iV. fee for service courses

    3. VET Industry Specific Courses
    4. VET integrated in a WACE Course
    5. School based Apprenticeships and Traineeships
    6. Pre-apprenticeships in schools (PAiS)
    7. ASBT

    What this does not include is any VET not organised by the school or that is not part of a school program. This is where it gets a bit tricky. 

    1. VET undertaken where the student is under a Notice of Arrangement is not considered VET in Schools. 
    2. VET undertaken in night school or on weekends that does not form part of the students school program. This may occur without a NoA and would be above and beyond the requirements for a full time program for a  student (this can happen)

    In either case it can still be included and contribute towards their WACE if submitted from the student direct to SCSA.

  3. Thanks for the clarification Dan. The other thing that can be a little tricky…is not to ‘double count’ VET students. I just completed a ‘conflict matrix’ on SIS and it can be a bit complex to get accurate VET student numbers!!

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