School based Traineeships

DTWD has approved the new School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship policy which will come into effect on January 1 2013.
A continuous register for this new policy will be in place for feedback.  click here to read all about it SBAT Policy 2013

ETILO’s are hosting a SBAT stakeholder forum for DTWD on Thursday 14th March @  NMERO Stirling. Please RSVP Kristin

Lots of questions have been coming up surrounding insurance, duty of care and SBAT arrangements outside of school hours.

A list of the common questions has been compiled and a frequently asked questions page has been created for the North Metro VET Network website.

Check out the FAQ page for the answers to the most common questions.

We love feedback! If you have further questions, leave a comment or get in touch with the ETI team.

Dan is now seeking expressions of interest for up to 10 school based staff to form a SBAT Working Party in 2013. The working party will be responsible for representing the North Metro schools and will undertake the following:

  • collaborative approach to best practice methods/models for SBT
  • identify issues and workshop solutions
  • develop regional resources to support SBAT
  • provide feedback to DTWD on the new policy

Commitment will be at least one meeting per term.

Get on board and help to support and strengthen SBAT in the North Metro.


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