The ETI Liaison Officer role replaces the EVE role in the North Metro Education Region as of 2012.

Dan has remained in the region in February 2012,

Nicole Symes has taken up a a position at Central Office as Senior Consultant VET in Schools K-12 Coordination. Congratulations  Nicole.

The ETI Liaison Officer is here to provide advice and assist you with all matters relating to VET in the North Metro Education Region.

Education Training and Industry Liaison Officers have a significant role in supporting, managing and initiating a range of programs to assist secondary school students into suitable education and training pathways.

They have  a holistic understanding of the policies and regulations underpinning the national VET system and the Curriculum Council requirements  for graduation with the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).

ETI Liaison Officers disseminate information to schools, Registered Training Organisations,  employers, Group Training Organisations, Department of Training and Workforce Development, Industry Sills Councils, Industry Training Councils and other Community Based Organisations.

They also represent the Department of Education to develop, support and implement new programs such as those in receipt of Commonwealth funding, such as the Youth Attainment  and Transitions – National Partnership (YAT-NP).


One thought on “About

  1. CAVE or VET
    Career and Vocational Education or Vocational Education and Training, that is the question. I believe CAVE best depicts what we do and improves clarity for parents, students and school staff. Would be interested in feedback on this one.

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