Outcome Assessment Codes.

A useful guide for outcome assessment codes was developed in partnership with the Department of Education and the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (back in the day when it was still the Curriculum Council).

This flow chart is outlined below and a pdf version can be downloaded if you would like to pin it to your wall.

As many schools have experienced, the various RTOs that are partnered with provide different assessment codes. This is largely due to the type of RTO that your school partners with. State Training Providers use a set of codes created for their system and private RTOs are allowed a greater degree of freedom based on their software needs.

Schools operate on the national codes for most areas, with outcome assessments falling under the national codes. You are all probably very familiar with 20s and 30s, 40s and 70s and the often confused 99.

Below is a mapping table for your reference of the various codes.

If in doubt – check with your partner RTO and/or ask them to supply the outcome assessments using the national standard.

AVETMISS State Training Providers Other RTOs AVETMISS Description 
20  CO, CM, CP, P 1 Competency Achieved/pass
30  R, F 2 Competency not achieved/fail
40  WO, DC 10, 11 Withdrawn
51  PR, AR, BR, CR 6 RPL – Granted
52  UR 7 RPL – Not Granted
53  RC 15 RCC – Granted
54  UC 16 RCC – Not Granted
60  E 9 Credit Transfer
70  H 5 Continuing Enrolment (ending after this collection year)
71  H 5 Continuing Enrolment (Ending in this collection year) – WA ONLY
81  NA 4 Non-Assessable Enrolment – Satisfactorily completed
82 WO 3 Non-Assessable Enrolment – Withdrawn or not satisfactorily completed

Did you notice that ’99 – Has not and is not expected to start this UoC’ was missing from the table? Good job! This is because code 99 is used within our State reporting systems to remove data added in error. This is why it is so important to only use 99 when the enrolment was made in error. ’40 – Withdrawn’ is for all instances of students commencing and withdrawing from an enrolment.


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